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Featured battle : Tajuna

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 30 October 1812

Colonel Skerrett commanding the rearguard of Hill's corps held the long thin bridge over the river Tajuna for the whole day. When night came he set up dummy sentries and slipped away to join his corps. This small action gained valuable time for Hill to join Wellington near Salamanca.

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WW2 British Paratrooper - MUR3_pathfinder

WW2 British Paratrooper - MUR3_pathfinder

A member of the 22nd Independant Company, 6th Airborne Div. "Pathfinders" sent in to Normandy early on D-day to hold the eastern flank of the landings. Seen here with a selection of the equipment carried by the paratroopers.

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Lepanto 1571

Nic Fields
Here it is all you need to know about Lepanto and much more. This is Lepanto in the round set within its context which is the sixteenth century almost everything which has a bearing on the battle is herein. For instances included are a brief history of the Knights Hospitallers, the development of the galley, Janissaries, the confusion around the naming of big guns and the power politics of all participants. The footnotes alone make fascinating reading and also refer out to more information on most of the topics discussed in the book. The bibliography covers eleven pages in fairly small typeface. There are a few illustrations and maps.
The author, Nic Fields, does not ‘talk down’ to the reader but, while not being a dry academic tone, leaves one aware of the considerable scholarship which has gone into the writing.
This is a book to get immersed in and we highly recommend it to everyone with any interest in the sixteenth century generally and the development of naval warfare in particular.

Pen & Sword Maritime, 2020

Reviewed : 2020-11-17 09:31:26