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Welcome to Clash of Steel!

Featured battle : Orbaiceta

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 15 October 1794 - 17 October 1794

The French force under General Moncey [with another eleven Generals commanding units] planned a complex pincer movement designed to trap and destroy the Spanish force. The Spaniards who were spread over a number of positions were badly mauled but managed to extricate about 9,000 of their men.

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The Home Guard

The Home Guard

A re-enactor from the The Victory in Europe Reenactment Association (VERA) showing the uniform and weapon of the British Home Guard during World War 2. He is dressed in the traditional serge 37 pattern battledress with Field Service cap. In these pictures he is armed with a Lee Enfield SMLE rifle although the Home Guard were latterly more commonly armed with the Pattern 14 or US-manufactured Pattern 17 rifle.

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A Spy in the Sky

Kenneth B Johnson
Subtitled "A Photographic Reconnaissance Spitfire Pilot in WWII", this is as it seems, a memoir of a PR pilot. But it's more than just that. Johnson was a young airman volunteer, who knew only that he didn't want to be drafted into the army to face terror and death on the battlefield. So as soon as he was old enough he volunteered for the RAF thinking he'd spend the war sweeping out hangars. Somehow he ended up being chosen for NCO aircrew, showed an aptitude and volunteered for Spitfires, albeit unarmed ones! This led to him being in almost suicidal situations flying from North African airfields over the Med in unarmed, barely serviceable aircraft deep into enemy territory. It is a touching book, written in his own words, about how poorly he was treated as an 'other rank' in an officer's world. Even after he received his commission, he felt no acceptance and his health suffered as a result. This book fills in a valuable gap, exploring a very different viewpoint of Spitfire flying and is to be recommended.
Pen & Sword Air World, Yorkshire, 2019

Reviewed : 2020-02-10 20:12:13